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Safety Meeting App for Welding

Safety Meeting App for Welding is the best app available for documenting required OSHA Safety Meetings. Easily store current & past meetings electronically in the event they are needed. Welding incident reports and Welding checklists can also be stored electronically, and printed as needed. Includes lots of Welding safety topics.

  • Meets OSHA’s Required Meeting Laws
  • 950+ Safety Meeting Topics – View Topics
  • Document Meetings, Incidents, Accidents, Near Misses
  • Access from your Phone, Tablet or Computer
  • Print & Download PDF Reports
  • Spanish & English Topics
  • Checklists – Customizable
  • Take Pictures of Meeting Attendees, Incidents & Accidents
  • All Data is Stored in the Cloud – Access it from Anywhere

Customization Available

Customized Checklists (View Available Lists), Your Own Safety Topics, & Your Company Logo (all can be customized and added to the Safety Meeting App).

Safety Meeting App for Welding

Welding Safety Topics – Staying Safe on an Welding Job

Welding technicians are exposed to a unique set of safety issues while on the job. Safety is a huge concern in the Welding profession, and consistent safety meetings insure you and your staff are knowledgeable and prepared to deal with potential safety issues as they arise.

Welding Checklists provide a way to keep your safety concerns at the forefront, and document that you and your employees are adhering to proper workplace safety standards. Welding Checklists can be customized for different job scenarios, and are safely stored in the cloud.

As a full featured Incident Documentation app, any Welding safety incidents can be clearly and quickly documented from almost any mobile device, and securely accessed from the cloud anytime.