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OSHA Compliance

Safety Meetings — Why It’s Worth It!

Facts & Information on Safety Meetings:
Conducting safety meetings is an effective way to instill a strong safety culture, avoid frivolous lawsuits and insure OSHA compliance. It sends a clear message that safety is a priority. Developing a strong safety culture is important for maintaining an accident-free workplace.

OSHA requires Contractors to conduct Safety Meetings on a regular basis and record the attendance. Regularly scheduled Safety Meetings allows the contractor to address important safety hazards and provide updates on recent incidents.

Each meeting outline helps you comply with a specific OSHA safety training regulation, such as hazard communication, PPE, ladder & tool safety, lockout/tagout, MSDS, Respiratory protection, machine guarding, etc.

This app also integrates Driver Safety Topics to help your company address the following:

  • Lower Liability & Work Comp Insurance Rates
  • Reduce Property and Vehicle Damage
  • Vehicle Inspections
  • Driver & Traffic Safety

If you have employees driving your company vehicles or their own vehicles for company business; it makes sense for your company to hold these brief meetings because in the long run they will help lower fleet maintenance costs, and lead to fewer employee injuries and down time.